County may purchase building for storage

LEXINGTON—If grant specifications allow, Dawson County is interested in buying the old Sixth Street grocery store building in Lexington and using part of it for storage.

County commissioners discussed purchasing the building during their regular bimonthly meeting Monday morning but a previous grant from the USDA to the Community Economic Development board may have stipulations that get in the way.

CDA owns the old grocery store building that houses three businesses.

County clerk Karla Zlatkovsky said one of the businesses is closing soon and the other two will remain if the county takes ownership of the building.

She said commissioners are interested in the building for several reasons, namely storage.

The county uses the old jail facility for storage now but it is not climate controlled nor air tight. Zlatkovsky said rodents endanger the safe keeping of county records.

In addition to storage, the CDA building could also house the Health and Human Services office. The county now rents space for the HHS office.

When the CDA bought the old grocery building, it received a $100,000 grant from the USDA.

Zlatkovsky said the county has to make sure that all specifications of the grant would still be met or the money would have to be repaid.

No purchase price was discussed.

Commissioners hope to have more details of the grant at the Nov. 1 meeting.

In other county business, commissioners:

set the value at $360 for a 24-foot by 60-foot piece of land in Overton that will be auctioned during the Nov. 1 meeting. The land in question is adjacent to property owned by Joe Zerr, who wants to make an addition to his home.

In the process of preparation for the addition, Zerr learned the land he thought he owned actually belongs to the county.

State statute requires sale of the land rather than abandonment. That sale will be conducted through an auction set for 9 a.m. on Nov. 1 during the commissioner meeting.

In the meantime, commissioners granted Zerr an easement for a portion of his garage and driveway that are on the county land.

discussed abandoning a minimum maintenance road north of Lexington as proposed by adjacent landowner Brian Kopf. The county roads superintendent will investigate the road and make a recommendation on Nov. 1 whether to vacate or abandon it.

approved a contract for child support enforcement with an amendment that allows the county to receive more funds.

rescinded previous action and appointed commissioner chairman Dean Kugler of Gothenburg to the Nebraska Cooperative Government board which administers lottery funds.

heard a quarterly health insurance update from Dan Schwartzkopf of Krull Agency that revealed the county is below estimates for claims in the first quarter.