Chamber sends fraud alert

Gothenburg police are investigating a local incident of fraud.

According to Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce officials, the incident involves a man that fits the following description:

male around 40 years old

six-foot or taller, stocky build and 250 pounds or more

very short light blonde hair and possibly balding

wearing black-framed glasses

Officials said the man entered a local business to schedule an appointment for his aunt and wanted to pay in advance with a check.

He “accidentally” wrote the check for more than the services and was given cash back.

Officials said the man seemed to know a lot about the area and talked about other businesses he’d visited.

When the check was deposited into a bank, officials said it was on a fraudulent account as there was no known person of that name and the identification he’d given was fake.

If business people have come into contact with a man matching this description, they are asked to contact police chief Randy Olson at the Gothenburg Police Department.

Officials also urge the business community to call the police while the man is in the business.