Fiber optic infrastructure could be installed in Gothenburg

Technology about quick data transmission.

Putting in optical fiber cable for faster Internet and phone service is on the horizon.

Gothenburg Improvement Company president Mike Bacon didn’t share much information about the prospect but said that he hopes the technology will be installed next year and be available to businesses and residences.

Bacon spoke about highlights of the year at the annual GIC meeting last Wednesday at the Monsanto Learning Center.

Although expensive, experts say fiber optics transmit data through laser-generated pulses of light instead of via copper wires which is still the most dominant and traditional way of telephone and internet delivery.

The technology will help Gothenburg continue to grow and recruit new business, Bacon said.

Bacon also noted the GIC is working on an engineering plan of different shapes and sizes of lots in the East Industrial Park industrial site southeast of town.

GIC members are working to develop the park into a shovel-ready site.

The GIC continues to field inquires about the industrial site, he said, which is the only one in the state with railroad access.

On another development, he said Central Platte Natural Resources District officials want to buy some land in the site next to the Cozad Canal to rectify over appropriation of water in the CPNRD area.

Since 1990, Bacon said the GIC has recruited business and industry that have helped grow evaluation 384%.

More than 500 jobs have been created and 250 residential projects.

Bacon pointed to new GIC committees and chairs shared goals:

Housing—To begin the building of five new homes. Three contractors have committed to build spec houses in the Bartruff Subdivision.

East Industrial Park—To get city infrastructure in the East Industrial Park by mid-2014.

Infrastructure—To develop a comprehensive community technology plan.

Way of life—To put together a comprehensive plan to retain Gothenburg’s quality of life. Critical areas are education, health care, recreation and infrastructure.

Community leadership—Plan for transition and possible restructuring of the Community Development Office and involvement of community leadership. CDO director Anne Anderson is planning to retire next year.

Community marketing/positioning—To develop a strategy for selling Gothenburg.

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