Learning to adapt to change

Change. Just the word can send a shudder down the spine of most people; and it seems the older we get the more uncomfortable that word and its consequences become. However, with age—or as I like to say, “maturity”—also comes the realization that change is inevitable.

There are some changes I actually look forward to. One of the things I most like about living in Nebraska is the changing seasons, and we are just now entering my favorite. As my children have grown up I have discovered changes in our family dynamics that I look forward to, like marriages and my favorite—grandbabies! Those are the kinds of changes we like.

Now in my mid 50s, and now I am not ashamed to share my age, a big life change was not something I was really expecting to make. I have called Broken Bow home for most of my adult life and was deeply rooted in the community. I had a job I liked, family and a church family there, and anticipated spending the rest of my life in that town. However, God had other plans.

When I was first contacted about a job opportunity with The Gothenburg Times my initial reaction was “thanks for thinking of me, but I am very happy here.” But for the next few days there was a continuous gnawing in my gut that wouldn’t go away, and the more my husband and I prayed about it the more apparent it became to us that we needed to at least entertain the thought of making a big change.

So here I am! And honestly I am still somewhat in shock. Things seemed to move very quickly, which as a woman of faith just confirmed to me that it was God’s plan for our lives. I began my new job here at The Times Sept. 1, and everyone I have met so far in this beautiful community has been extremely supportive and encouraging. Having worked at the Custer County Chief for nearly a decade, I was already very familiar with this paper and the legacy Greg and Kathi established here. In fact, whenever I would see them at various press association functions I would always compliment them on the paper and tell them I would like to work here someday! Guess we just never know.

Since arriving I have been tasked with learning a new computer software program, learning lots of new names and faces and am in the process of buying a home. It has been a whirlwind! However, I realize that my coming here are far from the only changes this paper has experienced recently. New ownership, a new sports editor, and now me – I’m sure for you readers it all might seem a little scary.

One thing that has not changed in the past 15 years is my love for community newspaper. It is what keeps people connected to city government, the school board, community events, celebrating births, weddings and anniversaries, and of course, our local athletic and student achievements. Newspaper is important to a community like Gothenburg, and though it might take me a while to learn the ropes I am committed to doing what I can to make the changes here as gentle as possible.

While you readers will likely not see much in the way of change in the layout and design of The Times, we are implementing a change in our deadlines to noon on Monday for everything. This will allow our staff time to make any necessary corrections and additions to provide the quality newspaper our readers have become accustomed to.

Though a little nervous, I am very excited about the life change God has brought my way. And I am excited to be part of a great paper and a great community. My door at The Times office is always open, so please feel free to stop in and share any ideas or concerns you may have. In this journey we call life we are all learning that change isn’t a bad thing—it’s just a different thing.