Faith in the fog

I read a quote today: “The verdict of the ages is that faith means courage. All men of faith have courage. They trust their God.” (Alcoholics Anonymous). This perspective caused me to ponder.

I’ve also heard faith defined as “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) After some thought, this words girl decided to take a little liberty and write her own definition of faith: the courage to not let go of what I know to be reality even when it may not be what I experientially see.

This reminded me of when I spent some time in Edmonds, Wash., a beautiful little suburb of Seattle right off of the Puget Sound. A typical view walking down the hilly terrain included the waters of the Sound, the opposite shore of Kingston, Wash., and the distant Olympic mountains.

On a misty, foggy morning I was surprised to see that the breathtaking view to which I was accustomed was entirely gone. No vast waters, no interminable shoreline, no majestic mountains. I knew them to exist and their reality to be as sure I was alive the day before, yet all sensory perception indicated otherwise. Evidence of things unseen.

I received a text message from a friend battling depression and another medication change. The fog that surrounds him seems difficult to maneuver through. A friend struggles to hold on to hope while living with an alcoholic spouse. An acquaintance receives congratulations on her new job but shares the disoriented feeling of re-acclimating herself to this type of job. Another is in the midst of blending homes and families where very little seems familiar.

No matter who we are, the weather patterns of human existence tend to send us fog and mists on occasion. The views of life that we become accustomed to seem to be utterly gone. In those moments of disorientation we need courage the most—courage to not let go of the reality of hope, value, love, joy, worthiness, and peace.

Although life surrounds us with mists and fog, we can stand with courage trusting that what we know to be reality continues to exist despite our experience. We are loved. We are not alone. We have immense value. This too shall pass. Peace is possible one day at a time. We can stand courageously, though slightly disoriented by what we cannot see on the other side of the circumstance and believe in the reality of what we know to be beyond the fog: God’s got us and together we are co-authoring a beautiful story of courage.