Getting our city up to speed

As Gothenburg residents we should all be very proud of our community. We have stepped up wherever possible to ensure that Gothenburg continues to grow and prosper into the future. We’ve stepped up and built a new library, a new school, a new medical clinic and added onto our hospital. We’ve recruited industry which has brought new jobs and economic opportunity to Gothenburg. Even though many rural areas are losing population, Gothenburg continues to grow because of our investment in our future.

As Gothenburg residents we are once again being asked to step up, and I know we will respond. Everyone should have heard about the “Get Up To Speed” campaign. I’ve had the opportunity when in other communities to use Internet services carried over fiber optic cables. It’s faster and more secure. The first step to getting fiber connectivity in Gothenburg is for each resident to complete a survey. The City has recently distributed surveys in our utility bills, and the survey is also available at the City Office, from one of the banks, or online.

Gothenburg needs YOU to fill out a survey and indicate on the survey that you are willing to consider new options for receiving your internet, telephone and TV connectivity. Your investment of a few minutes taking this survey will make a huge difference in our future.

I encourage you to act today. We can’t count on someone else doing this for us. Each one of us needs to step up so that Gothenburg gets up to speed.

Matt Williams, president, Gothenburg State Bank