Video games OK for kids

Why should parents let their kids play video games?  Well I think that they should always be allowed to play video games.

The video games that kids play help them by keeping them out of trouble and keeping them from roaming the streets.  Video games can help kids avoid drinking and drugs. Then sometimes the kids that get into trouble with drugs and alcohol can also get into trouble with vandalism or theft in which they steal something or break or deface property.

When kids drink or do drugs they can also get into really bad accidents like car crashes. Also there is a chance that they will find themselves in a gang or group that they don’t really belong too.

Some people argue that kids become obese from playing video games. They could play the Wii Fit and then work themselves up to the point of when they are tired and then play X-box 360 when they are done. Also you can get educational games for  young kids or children.

Because video games are good, kids should be able to play them.