Choose to educate yourself

Is there something in your life that you enjoy doing most? Chances are you have to make choices in order to pursue it. Whatever your passion—hobby, family or job, most likely it requires setting aside time, money or both.

If you spend all your money on your passion, you will starve to death (unless your passion is eating). If you spend all your time, you’ll find there are only so many hours in a day. Every person makes choices to achieve a balance.

In the past, many couples had the option for the woman to “stay at home.” Today it seems more likely that both partners will need to be wage earners, spending more time on the job in order to keep up. Why is that? What has changed?

You might say, it’s because things cost more now. Again I ask, why is that? Through good times and bad, what is the one thing that seems to be able to grow unfettered?

The answer is (drum roll please)... government. Why does government always need more money and where does it go?

There are literally thousands of groups like ACORN that are sucking the life-blood out of our country. Congress gives them untold billions of dollars each year, funding our own downfall in the name of welfare.

Talk radio, Internet bloggers and television show hosts like Glenn Beck are beginning to look into the cesspool they swim in. Beck may act like a loon, but no commentator is doing a better job of exposing these groups.

In the process we are finding that corruption exists on all levels of the current administration. The problem however, has been building for decades.

I ask you to make one more choice. I believe our lives could be vastly improved by educating ourselves about the corruption and manipulation that is occurring right in front of us, behind our backs. By working together, sharing information and embarrassing our government officials into doing the right thing, it’s possible we could rid ourselves of this scourge.

If you watch television to get your news, you need to know that Fox News is the only viable choice. While they lean to the right, they are the only network that actually “reports” the news, rather than give an opinion piece. All the other networks are part of the problem. They have what Bernie Goldberg wrote about—a slobbering love affair with Barack Obama.

If we weren’t funneling vast amounts of money to antagonists, we might have a little left over for ourselves. Less time spent working to make money, would free up time to spend on our “passions.”

A little time spent teaching our children the difference between right and wrong wouldn’t be a bad thing. We could do a 180 on the road we’re heading down now. Big government is a passion killer.