President oversteps powers

Joe Knoedler (02-22-12) asks “What is wrong with giving people...the ability to attain higher education and giving people who were born here legally the path to citizenship?” Congress (taxpayers) began subsidizing student loan interest in 2007. The rates were temporary and now Congress is fighting over how to pay for the increase as they revert back (double). No one warned students this was going to happen. Thanks Uncle Sam! People born here legally don’t need a path to citizenship. It is guaranteed them by the 14th amendment.

Knoedler believes I have “...taken our president out of context.” and wonders what my motives are, because I stated that Obama in reference to the economy said, “If Congress won’t get it done I will.” Trouble is, that’s not the quote I used. “And where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves”. He got two words out of 17 (by luck it seems).

An advanced Google search of his exact quote, produces nine links to his own letter on The Times website and nine on a Yahoo message board. Most likely Obama never said it. The same search of my exact quote produces over 10,000 results. The first one is a realclearpolitics page where you can view a video of Obama speaking the quote (in context).

The bottom line (my motive) is, the president has no authority to act without Congress in most matters. But he is doing it anyway (acts of a dictator). The powers of the executive branch are set forth in Article. II. Section. 2. & Section. 3. of the Constitution. Frankly, these powers are rather limited. The president is commander in chief of the armed forces. He can grant pardons. He can make treaties and appoint ambassadors, judges and other officials, but only with the advice and consent of the Senate. He can fill vacancies, but only during the recess of the Senate. He has the power of the veto and signs bills (passed by Congress) into law.

Where does he get the power to impose a moratorium against U.S. deep water drilling in the gulf of Mexico? I don’t know. Neither does the federal judge who has ordered him to cease. While ignoring the federal court order, he extended multi-billion dollar loans to Brazil and Mexico so they can get the oil.

He is attempting to delay a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline until after the election (every decision hinges on his re-election). Opponents of the pipeline say the oil would be exported anyway. How does that help us? Supply and demand still controls the price. More oil…lower prices. Shouldn’t we be able to negotiate contracts on oil produced here (belonging to us) that insure conditions favorable to our needs (traditionally low gas prices) before other buyers are considered? I think we should be selling as much oil to China as possible (at world market prices). It would be one way to pay off our debt.