Cemetery desecration decried

Three days before Memorial Day I returned to Gothenburg to place two candlestick solar lights on my parents graves, only to have them stolen by some yellow-bellied coward that must be a thief to steal one’s tribute by desecration of a holy place.

I only hope that the Almighty will bring justice to the thief for such a cold, calculated, cowardly act of stealing and violating my rights to pay tribute to my parents. Dad was a World War II veteran that defended our country, for what—that cowards can steal from the dead?

It is a sad day in America when people steal from dead people’s graves, and it seems strange that the thief or thieves did not steal a solar light from a grave less than 25-feet from my parents graves.

In the end, people who steal rights away from others have not gained a single pleasure, and they must have the backbone of a chocolate eclair.

Thank God there are still some good people in this world, that I hope will help to rid our land of thieves, and report these kinds of acts to the law.