Vandals provide life lesson

This is to the person/persons responsible for breaking out the back window of our van with your beer bottle. Let me start by saying how impressed I am by your strength and accuracy. I must say that I am disappointed that I didn’t get to witness the explosion, as I’m sure it must have been a great one. With glass spread from the dash to the middle of the street it must have been impressive!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. When I got up early Sunday morning with the intention of going to work for a few hours before church you helped me see the importance of taking Sundays off. It reminded me the importance of doing for others, like, trying to get all of the glass off the street and sidewalk so that our children and the many young neighbor children do not get cut. Also, because of your example it was very easy to teach an important life lesson for our children. Through your actions it was a good way to show our children that some people can and do make rational and intelligent decisions when they drink to excess.

Finally, thank you for forcing us to spend money, we had worked so hard for, on something practical and necessary, like a van window, instead of spending it the way I had intended, doing something fun with our family. Which is both frivolous and a luxury.

Again thank you for making us your target. Please do not feel the need to share your kindness and consideration with others, as I’m afraid you will only be disappointed with the lack of enthusiasm that you will make others feel.