Obama fails to understand

I would like to move past Joe Knoedler’s statement (02-22-12) that President Obama “...sounds like someone who understands the middle class...” The problem is, Obama says something almost everyday that proves Knoedler’s statement to be utter nonsense. Whenever the community organizer gets in front of a crowd of drooling sycophants and goes off teleprompter (TOTUS), we find out what he really thinks.

In Roanoke, VA, speaking about how nothing can be achieved without government, he said “If you’ve got a business--you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.”

Outraged business owners nationwide expressed their displeasure with his statement. His understanding seems to be somewhat lacking for “middle class” job creators. I am not surprised by what he said.

After observing Obama for years, I follow three rules. If he speaks out against something others are doing, he is doing it himself. If he proposes something I disagree with, take it to the bank. If he says something I agree with, he is lying. This works virtually without fail.

When Republicans came out with ads highlighting what he said, he replied with the same lame claim that he was taken out of context. However, if you read/listen to all of what he said, the “context” just makes it worse.

Now he’s on a “I love the middle class” tour, burning up millions of tax dollars for jet fuel on the way to his next fundraiser. At over 185 events (the combined total of five previous presidents), some are saying “... he is far more dedicated to raising money and winning re-election than to performing the actual job for which he was elected...”

Now is the time he’ll begin his move to the right (as in 2008) to make voters believe as he says “...I would wake up every single morning...” (at 10 a.m.) “... thinking about you and fighting as hard as I knew how to make your life a little bit better.”

Never mind the fact that he and his party have driven us into such massive debt, we may never recover. Because Obama has no economic accomplishments he can run on, he is pointing to the days of Clinton (turning deficits into surplus). Referring to them as “my theories” and “our plan.”

I am all in favor of returning to that. After two years of failing Democrat policies, Clinton began adopting Republican ideas to cut spending and deficits, cut taxes (capital gains, fueling an investment and stock market boom), deregulation (stimulating innovation and competition) and welfare reform that Clinton said would “...break the cycle of dependency that has existed for millions...” How can Obama claim that he wants to return to that when he opposes every single one of those points?

If re-elected he can go back to being the most divisive, anti-sovereignty, anti-gun rights, anti-free speech and religion, big government, wealth re-distributing, partisan hack ever elected president. At the same time showing his understanding for the middle class of course.