One final salute to John Fecht. Some may know him as John Burrell, JB, Johnny, Burrell or Chrysler John. John passed away on Sunday, October 27, 2019 more than 50 years after he thought he would originally die. This thing called “life” kept him from meeting that original date and where or why he thought he would pass at the age of 30 remains a mystery. John was born April 14, 1937 in Nebraska and moved to California as a young man; that urge to roam stayed with him as he moved hisfamily fromCalifornia to Nevada to Washington, Colorado, and finally settling in Washington. John worked 40 years for Ma Bell, as he called it, as a lineman, installer, and microwave tech just to name a few. He spent countless hours planning and sketching layouts for walls and fences in the many homes he lived in. One time he spent so long drawing up a design for a retaining wall, he moved the family instead of building it. You could say he was a good procrastinator and everyone needs to be good at something. He spent the last few years of his life eating crackers in the garage while admiring his car. John is survived by a dimwit, one nimrod and a bone head. Services will be held at McPherson National Cemetery in Maxwell, Nebraska at a later date.