It’s been a surreal few days for Wyatt Hotz. “It still hasn’t (set in) yet. It feels like a dream,” he said Monday. It may feel like a dream, but

Remember the old saying, “knock on wood? James Stevens of Gothenburg may not be a superstitious man, but he will likely never forget that adage now. Back in early December,


Doane University was the right fit for Caden Geiken. The Gothenburg senior signed a football scholarship to the school in Crete on Monday afternoon. “There’s a lot of classes that

Brady’s first-ever qualifier for state wrestling also became the school’s first-ever medalist. Jeremy Larson went 4-1 at state wrestling in Omaha and claimed third place in the 120 weight class


It sometimes snows where you least expect it. Even the driest place on earth! In 2011, the Atacama Desert in Chile received nearly 32 inches of

1. MEDICAL: What is the condition that carries the official name “diaphoresis”? 2. MOVIES: Who played the president in the film “The American President” (1995)? 3. HISTORY: What was the