Snow Days

ENJOYING THE SNOW: A hefty snowfall on Monday led to a couple of days off school for Gothenburg children. As the snow continued to fall, Mayor Joyce Hudson issued a Snow Emergency effective Monday evening through Tuesday morning. Pictured are Laura, Felicity and MJ Williams and Navaeh Engleman. (Photo by Shannondoah Schram)

‘The hook got stuck in my aunt’s lip’

“The naughtiest thing I ever did was throw a fork at my father’s face,” shared my grandmother, Sherry Fox, as she sat in her rocking chair sipping coffee. I thought this wasn’t very characteristic of Fox; she has always been a very respectful and supportive person.

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Overeaters Anonymous meets weekly on Fridays at 5:30 p.m. on conference calls during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information contact 308-529-0725.

Rubalcava of Gothenburg Named New Bishop

Lexington, Neb.–The Lexington congregation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has recently named a new Bishop, Gothenburg resident Drew Rubalcava. Bishop Rubalcava replaced Arlyn Wasenius of Arapahoe, who had served as the former Bishop since 2018.

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Nebraska’s tax system is completely broken. Nebraska is the worst state in the nation for the inheritance tax, the seventh worst state for property taxes and only Wisconsin beats Nebraska in terms of the number of farm and ranch bankruptcies. By now, many property owners have figured out that last year’s big property tax relief bill, LB1107, was nothing more than a slight decrease in the amount that property taxes increased this year, and this is how things will continue to be unless we overhaul the entire system.

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This editorial penned by Senator Williams in collaboration with the Speaker of the Legislature, Senator Mike Hilgers. It details how the Legislature is adapting public hearing processes during the COVID-19 pandemic.