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(Editor’s note: The following key is used in the court news—DUS, driving under suspension; DWI, driving while intoxicated; FTA, failure to appear; FTP, failure to pay; FEL felony; FBMC, fight by mutual consent; IBC, issuing bad checks; MIP, minor in possession; AOLEA assist other law enforcement agencies.)

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The school board held its monthly meeting on Monday evening, May 11. The board got the ball rolling by taking care of the first item of business: approving the salaries for administrative staff for the 2020-21 school year.


The lessons learned in school do not always take place in the classroom, and the students are not the only learners. Covid 19 has given us all an unexpected education. Students were sent home, teachers went online, parents became partner-teachers and seniors spent their last months of school at home or at work instead of making final memories with classmates. While these were not their plans nor even their hopes and dreams for this year, teachers, students and families are finding that some lessons have been far more worthy and far-reaching than they imagined. We asked an elementary teacher, high school teacher, parent and 2020 senior to give us ONE WORD/PHRASE that has resonated with him or her during this time and tell us about the experiences that have shaped this perspective. Here is what each had to say:


OLD TIME TRADITIONS: May Day was celebrated on a Friday this year, and it just so happend to be an absolutely perfect day for the littles to deliver their sweet morsels to their friends, family members and neighbors. May Day has been around for quite some time and actually holds several different traditions. Gothenburg seems to commemorate the one that entails the ringing, running and kissing. The “basket giver” takes the basket to the door-step of the special someone, rings the door-bell and then runs away quick. If they are caught, then they are to be given a kiss. Fortunately for participants this year, social distancing doesn’t allow for the kisses! At right: Casey Madsen and her mother enjoy the sunshiny morning walking their neighborhood helping the youngsters deliver their door-step treasures.

COVID-19 to Affect Voting

Will you be voting at the upcoming primary election on May 12th? It seems the Corona Virus has voters across the country confused with regard to their right to democracy in these strange times.

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GOTHENBURG — Boy’s State, usually held the first part of May has been cancelled due to the virus. The purpose of the program is to educate youth in the duties, privileges, rights and responsibilites of American citizenship.

Keiser Earns Award

Senior Heath Keiser earned the Believers and Achievers award sponsored by U.S Banks and the Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA). This is a statewide program that is designed to reward high school students in Nebraska for their excellence in academics, as well as participation in NSAA activities. It aims to recognize Nebraska’s future leaders and is also selected based on commitment to citizenship, school involvement and community projects.