Carol Hess of Overland Park, Kansas, and Roger and Nancy Berry of Lincoln spent a few days over Thanksgiving with Irvin and Ruth Ann Hess. Thanksgiving Day guests of Gary

• Add a few drops of water to votive cups before adding a candle. The wax will float on the water, and when the candle burns down, it won’t get

GOTHENBURG SENIOR CENTER Wednesday, Nov. 28 – Soup/sandwich, ham salad sandwich, chili or potato soup, three bean salad and Recees bar. Thursday, Nov. 29 – Swiss steak, baked potato, cauliflower

DUDLEY ELEMENTARY LUNCH MENU Wednesday, Nov. 28: Southwest: Super burrito or crispy burrito. Italian: Pizza or lasagna. Swede Specialties: Barbecue chicken salad. American: Barbecue rib sandwich or pulled pork sandwich.

Court (Editor’s note: The following key is used in the court news—DUS, driving under suspension; DWI, driving while intoxicated; FTA, failure to appear; FTP, failure to pay; FEL felony; FBMC,