Tips to grill a juicier burger

Summer weekends wouldn’t be the same without backyard barbecues. And no backyard barbecue is complete without hamburgers.

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Nebraska is known for its resourcefulness. Her people are not quitters. They are explorers. They are pioneers who settled the land and created an agricultural legacy. May is National Beef Month, which gives us a chance to tip our hats to the men and women that are out there on their farms and ranches every day, growing food for our tables and raising cattle for beef and dairy products. Earlier this month, Go

Enjoy stuffed burgers this barbecue season

Barbecue season has arrived, so soon people will be bonding in the backyard over hamburgers and hot dogs. Backyard barbecue season begins in spring and continues through summer and, where the weather allows, into fall. Barbecues are a perfect summertime soiree, as they’re usually laid back affairs and make use of the pleasant weather.

Advancements in livestock technol

Consumer demand drives changes in industry, and the agricultural sector is no exception. Consumer demands for improved animal welfare have led to changes in the livestock sector, and various technologies have been developed and are in development to help this particular segment of the agricultural industry thrive.

Postcard Discovered of Neighboring Historic Homes

Remax Realty is excited to announce the addition of two historic homes on the market. Realtors Bry Dudley and Rhett Lindholm have been working with their clients to uncover some of the histories surrounding two properties on Avenue G. Little information has been discovered regarding the original establishment and deeds of the properties, but a postcard dating back to the 1900s shows a brief look into the history these homes have witnessed.

Mental Health at Ehmen Park

The Fifth Annual Mental Health Awareness Event was held at Ehmen Park on May 19th. Several local organizations and out of town organizations were in attendance. Pamphlets, website information, and phone information was given out to those who stopped by. Kids played corn hole and got their faces painted. Overall, it was a successful event. You can find more photos of the event inside. See more on page 3!

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While appearing before Dawson County Commissioners to make the annual funding request, Parent Child Center executive director Melanie Gomez told the board in her update that the Center was changing the way they offer shelter services.