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This year’s Brady Days celebration has been cancelled. The village board voted in favor of the cancellation at July’s board meeting on Wednesday, July 8th. Thursday, July 9th, the village Facebook page posted the announcement stating, “due to unprecedented circumstances, the extremely difficult decision was made to cancel Brady Days 2020.” It continued, they could not “in good conscience, host the weekend activities.”

BHS 2020 Enchanted Garden Prom


Coffee Chronicles Part 2:

Some of my favorite memories growing up were soaking up time spent with family members, especially my grandparents, and listening to the stories they told. As extreme as they were sometimes, the stories never failed to make me laugh or imagine what life was like in a time much simpler than now, and they made me thankful that my sister had a car she could drive me to school in so we weren’t forced to walk the entire route uphill both ways. The coffee crowds across our community have been doing this exact thing for years-meeting every morning or afternoon and talking about what I imagine as some of the most interesting and lively stories. In all reality, I’m sure they are just discussing the weather or events of the week, but I am positive it would still be fun to be a fly on the wall as the groups reminisce on the good ol’ days.


Gothenburg celebrated the 4th of July this past weekend along with the rest of the nation. The annual Pony Express Rodeo, a holiday tradition many have grown accustomed to was rescheduled for September 18 and 19, but the Gothenburg Volunteer Fire Department was able to host its annual firework display, families gathered for BBQ’s, some enjoyed the peacefullness of the Lafayette Park campground and many took advantage of the three day weekend so simply catch a breather. SUZIE WAHLGREN

City Hall Gets New Decor

RIGHT ABOUT... THERE! : Gothenburg city hall received a splash of color last Thursday when a barn quilt created by Anne Anderson was hung on the west side of the building. The quilt was commissioned by the Gothenburg Chamber of Commerce tourism committee. Anderson designed a few options when she undertook the task and city employees were given the opportunit to choose their favorite, and this was it! This particular project has been in the works for roughly a year. The tourism committee has plans to place a total of five barn quilts in the community, one being at the Sun Theatre and the others are still a well kept secret. Anderson expressed how much she enjoys creating these special pieces and looks forward to doing the others. Nate Baker is shown in the above photo hanging the masterpiece as Anderson and city employee Josh Reinhard help with placement. For those interested in creating your own barn quilt, Rusting Milling & Crafts LLC in Eustis will be offering workshops in August. See page B2 for additional details. CHEYENNE MCVAY

Barn Quilt Workshops

Rustic Milling & Craft, LLC in Eustis is offering Barn Quilt Workshops during the Eustis Fair and Corn show beginning on Tuesday, August 4.

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Overeaters Anonymous meets weekly on Thursdays at 5:30 p.m. on conference calls during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information contact 308-529-0725.

I Pledge Allegiance

“I can’t claim to know the words to all the national anthems in the world, but I don’t know of any other that ends with a question and a challenge as ours does: Does that flag still wave o’er the land of the free and the home of the brave? That is what we all must ask.” -Ronald Regan

Lawn Mowing Just Got Easier At The Senior Center

AND SHE’S OFF!: Gothenburg Senior Center Director Susan Anderson was so excited to have been gifted a riding lawn mower on behalf of the center, she sped off to mow and no one could catch her! Raelynn Maxwell of Cottonwood Realty purchased the mower and Matt Farr of LandMark serviced the mighty machine so it was ready to go for the new users. Pictured above is some of the staff of the Senior Center along with Maxwell and her team, Farr and board member/volunteer Pam Slack. SHILOH SCHULTZ