Kristi Joedeman of Gurley was a Friday afternoon to Sunday morning house-guest of her mother, Edna Lungrin.

Jim and Pat Baker were among those attending a supper on Friday evening at Silver Spurr for Connie Taylor’s retirement party.

Heidi Galas of Gothenburg Health presents a basket of goodies to the family of Blakely Christina Hearn, who was the first baby born at the hospital this year. Blakely was

Pink icing on cupcakes. Raspberry punch. And a whole lot of smiles. That was the backdrop for a come-and-go sendoff for Briony Aden and her family Saturday at the Gothenburg

When asked why she decided to enter the medical field, Dr. Carol Shackleton offered a somewhat surprising reply. “There didn’t seem to be a lot of professional opportunities for women

Management of the water, wildlife and natural resources is an important responsibility, but it is all part of the job for a general manager of the Central Nebraska Public Power