Greetings District 36. It was a very exciting week in Lincoln for high schoolers across the state. FFA members descended on Lincoln for the annual state FFA convention. The blue

The Legislature’s Planning Committee is promotinga budgettool that makes a lot of sense. As outlined in LB713, the Legislature’s fiscal office would be required to create a revenue volatility report

Greetings District 36. The legislative session is over half complete for 2019. During the first half of the session, the mornings are taken up with floor debate on proposed legislation

Loss. Endings. Letting Go. These have swirled around me in a dust storm of sorts in recent times. In a cyclonic cycle that seems to leap from here to there,

The vase was exquisitely filled with a beautiful array of flowers. She gestured towards the vase and said, “I love the variety in creation. All of creation. From the diverse