Q: My coworker recently suffered a miscarriage. I can tell she’s really hurting, and I’d like to reach out somehow without putting my foot in my mouth. It’s difficult to put myself in her place, but it’s also hard to avoid saying something since I’m around her every day. How can I navigate this awkward situation?.

Working Toward A Vaccine

Many of the steps we have taken to physically and economically combat COVID-19 have received widespread coverage, such as social distancing, wearing of masks, and quarantining. The most critical measure, however, has largely been going on behind the scenes and deserves our attention. Developing a vaccine for COVID-19 is the only way to defeat the virus, potentially helping billions of people worldwide.


Q: How can we keep up a relationship with our son when his wife severed all contact with us several years ago? We’ve asked them many times to tell us how we’ve wronged them so we can make amends, but there has been no response.

Greetings from the Nebraska Senate

Greetings District 36. I’m pleased to report that this week the Legislature advanced a comprehensive bill that addresses several major issues that face Nebraskans. The bill, LB1107, would combine property tax relief, the ImagiNE Nebraska Act, and the Nebraska Transformational Projects Act.

Greetings from the Nebraska Senate

Greetings District 36. As we work through the waning days of the Legislative session, I’m pleased to report that legislation I’ve carried this session has either passed, or is expected to pass. Among these bills are LB853, which will protect senior citizens from financial exploitation; LB773, which will provide matching grant funding for workforce housing in rural areas; and LB1053, which will ensure nursing homes are reimbursed for the care of residents receiving Medicaid through a stable Medicaid rate reimbursement methodology.

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Everyone has appreciated pencils for many, many years. Whether it be mechanical or just your good ole’ No. 2, pencils have been around for quite some time, just not the way we imagine them.

Rebuilding Nebraska Infrastructure

While the Third District of Nebraska is still feeling the impact of last year’s historic floods, we are fortunately seeing recovery efforts along the Missouri River on all levels – local, state, and federal. On the federal level, the Water Resources Development Act of 2020 (H.R. 7575), commonly known as WRDA, passed the House this week. WRDA is the legislation Congress and the President periodically enact to authorize federal water management projects across the nation.

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WACO, TX. — More than 5,300 Baylor University students have been named to the Dean’s Academic Honor List for the spring 2020 semester. Students honored on the Dean’s List are Baylor undergraduates with a minimum semester grade-point average of 3.7 with no grade lower than a “C” while enrolled in a minimum of 12 graded semester hours.

The Way I See It

I am sitting here wondering. How did I get here (a retirement home for the aged)? Where is the kid that rode stick horses and ran barefoot in the sand? What happened to the teenager who giggled and flirted. Then there was the young bride so full of her new role trying new recipes copying ideas on decorating from magazines. There was the full-time job of motherhood…children activities galore. There were the friends, couples like we were, work, heartaches, parties, movies, dinners out… dancing…always on the go.


Q: I’ve racked up a fair bit of credit card debt the past few months while unemployed. Now that I’m working again, I have just enough in the bank to cover what I owe. Should I use my savings to pay off my credit card?