I have attempted to hold tightly to fine sand as it slipped from my grasp. All that remained was an empty fist. The inevitable slipping away occurred regardless of my

The Legislature convenes in a few months. It’s a long session in a non-election year, traditionally the best time to talk about that 800-pound elephant in the room, taxes. Yes,

The Autumnal Equinox occurred on September 22. The seasons are changing and Fall is here. My mind whirls much like leaves on the wind. I think of all of the

Greetings District 36.   In spending the summer and early fall traveling around the legislative district, it is no surprise that the two largest challenges facing our state are tax

About a month after he blew the whistle on a discrepancy in the State Treasurer’s office, a newspaper has blown the whistle on the alleged workday habits of State Auditor

The power of incumbency is strong, especially in Nebraska where the incumbents are usually Republicans. That’s because there were 584,173 registered Republicans in 2016. There were only 370,091 Democrats, 247,340

“Playing with my pet skunk was my favorite thing to do,” said my grandmother Gloria Combs while she rocked back and forth in her recliner talking to me on the