Q: I’m married for the second time, with a total of four children -- two from my first marriage and two from this one. Unfortunately, my wife clearly favors her own kids over my two older ones, and she’s become unfairly critical and overbearing. Is this unusual in blended families? What can I do about it?

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“The naughtiest thing I did as a child was when my dad and I went to town, and at the store I took off and tried to run away. My dad and his friend spent the day trying to track me down,” my grandma, Tammie Wheelbarger, shared as she sat at the dining room table and ate some homemade banana bread. I was surprised. I can’t see her doing that because she has always been calm and very kind when I was growing up.

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Greetings District 36. This week the Legislature continued all-day hearings. It continues to be a new and challenging situation for Senators, staff, and the public, but I am confident it has helped reduce the spread of COVID-19. All-day hearings will continue through the month of February. Then we will begin full day debate of bills.

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Getting Americans back to work has been one of the primary challenges facing our nation since the COVID-19 pandemic began nearly one year ago. While the employment situation varies widely from state to state, ensuring every unemployed American can reconnect with work must be a top priority. In Nebraska we are fortunate to have an unemployment rate of just 3%, making us one of 18 states that have an unemployment rate below 5%. Other states which have had more restrictive lockdowns are seeing much higher rates of unemployment.

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Q: I don’t usually care for labels, but I think it would be fair to call my husband a “workaholic.” He works constantly and spends very little time with our children and me. When I approach him about it, he simply says, “Things will be better soon.” Do you have any suggestions?

Greetings from Senator Willilams

Greetings District 36! The Legislature continues with full day hearings. As mentioned in previous columns, full day hearings are new to the Legislative process, and are designed to limit large gatherings and provide a means to social distance while we continue to battle the pandemic.

Becoming America’s #1 State for Veterans

Nebraska is on the path to becoming the best state in the nation for military personnel and veterans. We’ve been instituting new policies that benefit military families and veterans and that connect them with leadership opportunities in the workforce. We want to encourage the veterans who live here now to stay in Nebraska and contribute their skills to grow our state. We also want to invite others to relocate or retire here.


Q: My husband and I decided to emphasize a healthier lifestyle this year, especially since we have young children and want to establish good habits. But just a few weeks in we’re finding that it’s a lot harder than we expected. Do you have any helpful tips?