Nebraska the Beautiful: Conserving our Land Without the Heavy Hand of Federal Government

In Nebraska, we know the importance of good stewardship. Our farmers and ranchers responsibly cultivate the land so future generations of Nebraskans can continue enjoying the Good Life for years to come. It’s why, nearly one hundred years before Earth Day even began, J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day right here in Nebraska City. Our farmers and ranchers are the original conservationists.

Nebraska’s Great Outdoors

As the weather warms up this spring and summer, thousands of Nebraskans are planning to visit our state’s many national treasures and other historic sites. From Homestead National Historic Park in Beatrice to Scotts Bluff National Monument in the Panhandle, Nebraska has so much to offer.

Avoidable Delays at the IRS

As most Americans returned to normal, bureaucrats at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) refused to fully reopen the agency, despite heading into tax season with a backlog of more than 20 million tax returns. While this backlog has grown, calls to the IRS have also gone unan swered, leaving families and small businesses to navigate a complicated maze of red tape resulting from Democrats’ massive stimulus package on their own. Americans deserve to have their tax filings processed in a timely manner. Instead, the IRS is mired in delays. Further, economic recovery under the Biden administration is foundering, and, rather than build on successful reforms of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), Democrats are dead set on a tax and spend agenda that will only exacerbate challenges like inflation and slow wage growth.

From the State Capitol

Greetings from your State Capitol! The Legislature has officially adjourned Sine Die to end the Second Session of the 107th Legislature. Senators will now go back to their full-time jobs and will be able to spend more time with their families and friends until the beginning of the next session. I am pleased with the work I was able to accomplish this year and the work of the entire Legislature.

A Teacher Shortage

I’m a basketball coach. I’ve played and taught the sport for well, forever. One of the first fundamentals you learn is the pivot. It’s where you keep one foot planted and the other one can move to change direction, to see everything on the court.

Investing in Young Leaders

One of the most rewarding aspects of serving Nebraska’s Third Congressional District is the opportunities I get to engage with young people interested in government service. This spring, I’ve welcomed students from Bayard, Oakland-Craig, Boone Central, Summerland, and Doniphan-Trumbull schools, as well as Peru State College, to our nation’s capital. Fielding students’ questions is always a pleasure, and I deeply appreciate their thoughtful feedback and ideas about the issues we are working on in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Our Southern Border

Presidents, especially those of different parties, have a history of reversing their predecessor’s policies once they are sworn in. This is not unusual. But a president inheriting a policy with bipartisan support that has helped keep America safe for two years, and choosing to reverse it anyway? That is very unusual.

How the Border Crisis Harms Nebraska

It’s 965 miles from Lincoln, Nebraska to the border town of Del Rio, Texas. But that doesn’t mean our nation’s border crisis isn’t felt a thousand miles away. The Biden-Harris Administration’s failure to secure our broken southern border has caused a host of issues. It’s weakened our national security and overwhelmed our court system. It’s strained our economy. Most devastating, however, is the human cost it’s imposed. Our failure to secure the southern border has enabled sophisticated drug trafficking to run rampant. These deadly drugs are killing Nebraskans, leaving a wake of devastation throughout our communities.

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(North Platte, NE) – I am aware of allegations of impropriety that have been asserted against my adult son. As noted in the media coverage of this issue, there are two civil matters currently pending before the judge in Dawes County, as well as a Title IX complaint pending at Chadron State College arising from the same allegations. To date, the court has yet to issue any factual findings. Ultimately, we are confident the truth will prevail. In the meantime, we consider this a private family matter and request that our family’s privacy be respected. My commitment to serving Nebraska’s schools, students, and teachers on the Nebraska State Board of Education has not wavered and remains strong.

Forgiveness, Reconciliation

Q: What’s the balance -- or difference -- between forgiveness and reconciliation in a case of marital infidelity? A year ago, I discovered that my husband had resumed a previous long-term emotional affair with a friend of mine. Their relationship has ended now, and I believe I’ve forgiven him. But I’m still having a hard time trusting or feeling any affection for him.