I was asked last week “why does Farm Bureau (and Dawson County Cattlemen) donate Tyson beef to the schools instead of local beef?” TYSON IS LOCAL BEEF. You cannot eat

Greetings District 36. We are quickly reaching the end of this year’s legislative session, with late nights slated to begin next week and the budget and tax reform discussion following

I once heard an analogy about how a woman was asked to swim across the ocean.The taskwasdaunting. It was more than she could bear. However, the challenge was even greater

I walked into the dining car on the train. It was my first experience traveling across the country to Chicago this way. In a typical dining setting, I tend select

Greetings District 36. I hope and pray that everyone enjoyed a very special Easter celebration. It is easy to get so busy with daily activities that we forget the important

The state’s prisons remain overcrowded. They are short-staffed and the current employees are overworked. Assaults on staff continue. The watched pot continues to boil. Nebraska’s prison system currently has 2,127