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Flatwater Bank is celebrating National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), which is held March 1 – 7, 2020. During this week, we are hoping to build awareness to consumers to make well-informed financial decisions. I am writing to encourage readers to become informed and learn ways to avoid fraud.

Greetings from the Nebraska Senate

Greetings District 36. As Chairman of the Banking, Commerce, and Insurance Committee this week I presented one of two Committee Priority Bills, LB909, to the Legislature during General File debate. A Committee Priority Bill has “priority” over other bills that advanced from Committee and are awaiting debate. Prioritization enables the Legislature to consider bills that Senators feel are most important first. This is the way committees try to make sure important bills are passed. A bill retains its priority status in each step of the legislative process.


Greetings District 36. We are approaching the halfway mark of the current legislative Session. It is a very busy time with bill debate in the morning and public hearings in the afternoon. I have introduced eleven bills this session, and all have had a hearing or have a hearing scheduled. The first priority bill from the Banking Committee that I chair will be heard on the floor next week.


Q: I think my family is pretty healthy overall, even though we’ve faced some challenges. But somehow we seem to have lost our joy in day-to-day life. What do you suggest?

Carson Lewis

“They come for the pie and tay for the rolls,” said my randfather Steve Walker while ulling out the hot, greasy, rinkle cut french fries from he fryer. By now a household ame, Walker is a small-town egend. If you have ever lived n Gothenburg, Nebraska, you ave probably eaten several imes at the famous Walker’s teakhouse or at T. Walkers. If ou haven’t done so, you must e new here.