Greetings District 36. As chairman of the Banking, Commerce, and Insurance Committee, I have the privilege of working closely with Director of Insurance, Bruce Ramge, and Director of Banking, Mark

I am listening to the wind roaring outside. The chair from my porch has been overturned and relocated to the driveway. In the fury of the wind, hairdos get ruined

Bookends. Writers. Inspirations. I pause at the end of the week and think about two people, two writers, bookends positioned on either side of me metaphorically as a writer. Offering

We would like to thank everyone for all the cards, calls, well wishes and flowers that helped make our 50th Anniversary so special. A special thank you to our children

I often ask my children how school is going and receive a variety of responses. Occasionally, I get to hear about a class or project that interests them. Most of the time, I am given a litany of homework and assignments that need to be completed. But on occasion, I hear “I hate school.”