Standing Up for Life

In the next year, the U.S. Supreme Court is expected to make its most important decision regarding abortion law and states’ rights in over a quartercentury. The Court’s ruling could overturn Roe v. Wade and give states more latitude in passing pro-life initiatives, including legislation limiting abortion in the early stages of pregnancy.

Daughter Struggles with Math

Q: School is starting up again. My daughter gets straight A’s in every subject except math. We’re having a hard time understanding why she struggles with this subject. Could her problems with math be linked to some kind of learning disability?


Greetings District 36! Once again, summer has flown by, and we find ourselves in the middle of August with students and teachers returning to the classroom. Thanks to all our teachers and administrators for their commitment to our kids and education. Covid-19 remains an issue as we begin the new year. However, there is lots of good news to consider. As scientists and medical researchers continue to learn more about the virus, strides are being made in treating infections. Studies show that the vaccines available to everyone 12 years and older are very effective. These advancements allow most students to return to classrooms and have allowed school speech and debate teams to resume contests, theater, and musical performances with audiences in attendance and athletic competitions to resume with fans in the stands.

Observations & Thoughts

On August 6th, 2021 the State Board of Education –SBOE - convened for the purpose of continuing the discussion of the proposed draft #2 of the Health Education Standards. For the 4th consecutive meeting starting in April (the SBOE traditionally does not meet in July), testimony was presented by a large number of people mostly against the second draft. In summary, opposition came from two opposing viewpoints: Those who believe the standards did not go far enough, and those who believe the standards went too far.

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In 2021, communism seems like a distant threat to many. Generations of Americans have learned about the atrocities committed by Stalin and Lenin in Russia. Many are familiar with Mao’s Great Leap Forward, which led to the Great Chinese Famine and starvation and death for millions.

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While last year’s pandemic forced Dawson County Museums to close, museum representatives told the Dawson County Commissioner’s Friday that they used the time to make renovations and display improvements using much appreciated county funds and that this summer’s crowds are better than those in 2019.

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Q: For years my husband has enjoyed a weekly poker night with his friends. During the pandemic he got into online betting; now I’m concerned that he’s turning into a compulsive gambler. He says I’m worried about nothing. How can I be sure?

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“My scariest childhood memory was when a dog chased me on my bike, and I was going so fast that I almost ran into the house,” shared my grandmother, Jennie Graves, as she was making breakfast. We laughed together, and I thought back to a time when we were at a hotel and she was trying to unlock her new phone face ID but couldn’t because she was scanning at two inches across her face. Silly memories like this always made me smile.