The federal government spends too much. While we must continue working to get our nation’s fiscal house in order, every year Congress still has to pass twelve annual appropriations bills to fund the basic operations of the federal government. This process is one of the best ways for Congress to conduct appropriate oversight of the President and executive branch. Unsurprisingly, Speaker Pelosi and Congressional Democrats are using these spending bills to implement their big government agenda while abusing the process to prevent consideration of commonsense amendments.

The Troubling Tale of

After a new president takes office, they have hundreds of jobs to fill. As a general rule, presidents can hire whomever they choose. But when it comes to the highest-level positions, the Constitution gives the U.S. Senate the opportunity to offer “advice and consent” on a president’s nominees.

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We’re only a month away from one of the most important annual events for our state—the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island. This year, the fair will run from August 27th through September 6th. It’s a great way to celebrate Nebraska agriculture, cap off the summer with family-friendly entertainment, enjoy amazing food, and connect with our rich heritage.

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Pre-COVID, the United States had a robust and booming economy, both in terms of economic growth and in terms of economic opportunity available to Americans in the workforce. This success was directly attributable to two of the biggest accomplishments to come out of the Ways and Means Committee in the past 25 years - welfare reform and comprehensive tax reform.

We Need Year-Round E15 Options

Nebraska is a renewable fuels powerhouse, leading the country in ethanol-blended fuel. Higher ethanol blends are not just good for our state’s economy – they also benefit the consumer, making fuel cheaper and giving more options at the pump. However, up until 2019, blends with more than 10 percent ethanol, or E10, could not be sold during the summer months because they did not have a Reid Vapor Pressure, also known as RVP, volatility waiver.

More Choices and Cleaner Fuel at the Gas Pump

As we emerge from the pandemic and the economy begins to rebound, I’m focused on ensuring the industries that provide Nebraska jobs can continue to grow and thrive.

Helping at Home After Returning to Work

Q: Working from home during the pandemic was a revelation for me about what my wife does as a stay-at-home mom caring for two little kids. Now that I’m back at the office, how can I continue to help shoulder the load?

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“The naughtiest thing I did when I was a child was pull my sister’s hair with my hands while pushing her shoulders with my feet,” shared my grandmother, Karla Rios, as she sat on her couch eating her dinner. I thought this was so characteristic of the ornery Rios and recalled the time, while playing Pictionary, we threw paper snowballs onto her chandelier to represent lights. She was not very happy, and she made us remove all of them, but it did take her a while to notice what we were doing. I guess the snowball doesn’t fall far from the tree (or the chandelier) in this case.