Q: It’s apparent that some people seem to be handling the recent societal upheaval better than others. Whatever it is they have, I want it. Do you have any thoughts?

‘My mom was the best supporter any child could have had.’

The simple potent expression my Grandma Connie Earll says all the time is “ Oh, stop it!” Perhaps this may be what she heard a lot growing up. I’m not suggesting that Earll was that bad as a kid--she wasn’t--but she did do one thing that made me cringe as I listened to her describe one episode of vandalism she carried out back during her young and foolish teenage years.

Greetings from the Nebraska Senate

Greetings District 36. Memorial Day Weekend is upon us. While it will feel very different this year, we won’t leave our traditions behind as we reshape our future. We will continue to mark the beginning of summer and honor the brave men and women who lost their lives in service to our country.


Q: I’d say my marriage is healthy overall. Still, being closed up together in recent weeks has shown we have some work to do. My husband and I both want to grow from this time and improve our relationship moving forward. Do you have any practical advice?


Q: I’m usually so busy with work that I’m not around my children that much. They’re used to Dad not being home. But being “stuck” home together these past weeks has reminded me that they’re really fun kids. How can I keep up the relational momentum once things get back to “normal”?

Greetings from the Nebraska Senate

Greetings District 36. This week, the Governor announced he will begin to relax some Directed Health Measures that were put in place over a month ago due to COVID-19. Beginning May 4th, places of worship across the state may choose to reinstate some services but with restrictions. For example, no items maybe passed between attendees; and, while family members living under the same roof may sit next to one another, accommodations must be made so that there is six feet between groups of families. The Governor’s office released a guidance document this week to assist faith leaders reinstate some services. While faith leaders are authorized to begin services starting May 4th, they are not required to and each will use their best judgement as to when to reinstitute their services.