I am not athletically inclined. Playing in the band or acting in a musical seems entirely more enticing than dribbling a ball down a court or running a race. It’s

Greetings District 36. Even though March has arrived, winter has decided to hold on a little longer. We have now accumulated over 55 inches of snow in Lincoln this winter.

Some brave lawmakers are taking another run at changing tax incentives, those decades-old attempts at attracting new businesses to Nebraska while hanging on to others that are already here. Yes,

To the editor: A few days ago, Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers made comments while discussing LB399 that made news on the national news networks. His comments were, “Senator (Mike)

Greetings District 36. Now that February is over we are all hoping that our temperatures begin to warm. Cold snowy weather certainly makes it difficult for our ranchers with baby

“Those that respect the law and love  sausage  should watch neither being made,” according to American author and humorist Mark Twain. Some quibble and say the quote should be credited