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Over the past several weeks my office continues to receive many contacts expressing dissatisfaction with the proposed Human Growth and Development Standards that were originally drafted by the Nebraska Department of Education. It's encouraging to see so many engage in this process to improve the draft standards that have been proposed. I want to make clear that I oppose the original draft standards and will continue to do so as long as they undermine parental rights and center on explicit and inappropriate subject matter that has no place in our schools.

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The pro-life movement has remained steadfast in its efforts to protect the sanctity of life, and as a proud supporter I too remain dedicated to this mission. Throughout my time in Congress, I have continuously championed pro-life legislation to protect the rights of the unborn. I am firm in my commitment to ensuring respect for human life remains a cornerstone of public policy, especially now as the House is preparing to consider appropriations bills for Fiscal Year 2022.

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Not long ago the Secretary of Agriculture announced a bold initiative that would cut the environmental footprint of US agriculture in half by the year 2050. The date was February 20, 2020. The cabinet official was the Trump administration’s Sonny Perdue. Governor Pete Ricketts had little if anything to say about the ambitious “New Innovation Initiative for USDA” at the time, even though its objectives included radical goals for “conserving sensitive and marginal lands to enhance carbon sinks”. The governor’s wait-and-see approach at that time seemed prudent as details of the Initiative were to be hammered out through stakeholder input.

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Agriculture is the economic driver of rural Nebraska. With strong ag exports over the past few months, commodity prices have helped lift the financial health of the state’s farmers. But if there’s any sure bet in ag, it’s that strong prices won’t be around forever. Because of that, we need to be doing what we can locally to support our industry’s future.

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Q: My husband was an excellent athlete growing up, and now so is our son. But the boy doesn’t enjoy playing because of the pressure he gets from Dad to perform. This is becoming a real source of tension in our home. What can I do?


Greetings District 36. Over the past several months there has been a great deal of discussion concerning an academic theory proposed over 50 years ago called Critical Race Theory. This discussion is important and schools, educators, and parents need to be engaged and informed about Critical Race Theory just as we do with any number of controversial issues that will always come up.

Importance of True Infrastructure

Over the next few days, Americans will travel far and wide to celebrate our nation’s Independence Day on July 4th. As travel picks up for the national holiday, it reminds us of how vital functioning and efficient infrastructure is to our country. Whether you are hitting the highway for a road trip this weekend or staying local, infrastructure touches all of our lives.

Learning About History

Q: I love learning about the past. But it bothers me when I see people’s ignorance of history on full display -- and I’m discouraged that our culture doesn’t seem to value its importance anymore. I want my kids to develop an appreciation for history but don’t know where to start. Do you have any suggestions?

	Rewinding Regulations to Push Energy and Conservation Efforts

A few months ago, I relaunched my Regulation Rewind initiative to highlight problematic regulations coming from the new administration. The executive overreach, particularly when it fails to recognize ongoing conservation efforts of those closest to the land, is particularly disappointing. As the red tape flows from President Biden and his administration, I continue to oppose such regulations that could be detrimental to Nebraskans and the Third District.

Team USA

By the end of March 2020, sports lovers had lost March Madness, the NBA playoffs, and the first part of the MLB season to COVID-19. Then the Summer Olympics were canceled, too.